9.4. Currently Corrected Image

Display of the currently processed form. The edges of boxes of the currently processed group are highlighted by thicker line. The boxes of the group which have been evaluated as checked are highlighted by different color. The currently processed group can be selected by a mouse-click on any box of the group or it is possible to select the respective group in the list of groups. In the following image, the first question was selected; the edges of the box are framed by a thicker line than in questions 2 and 3.

Figure 3.10. Selected Group

Selected Group

If any synchronization mark is not found during recognition, it is possible, in the correction mode, to use the mouse and move this mark to the right position. The move can be made by pressing CTRL and the left mouse button on the incorrectly placed synchronization mark and dragging the mark to the right position. After the mouse is released, the form is re-evaluated as if the mark was detected in that position.