5.1.3. Keyboard behavior during group correction

The response to the pressed key depends on the type of group which is corrected and on the number of boxes already checked

Table 3.3. Behavior of keys depending on group type

Group typeBehavior
One possible answerAfter pressing the key, the respective answer is set and it will move to another group for correction
Multiple possible answersAfter pressing the key, the respective answer will be marked. If the answer is already marked, the mark, by contrast, will be canceled. Only as many boxes can be marked how many possible answers there are. To confirm and proceed to the correction of another group, Enter must be pressed.


For "Multiple Possible Answer" group type, alternative behavior can be set in the Program Configuration. Upon initial pressing of the key, all answers will be deleted and only the answer corresponding to the pressed key will be selected. After the maximum number of answers has been marked, it will move to correction of another group.