4.1. Evaluation strategy

If the forms are not filled carefully, the check mark in some boxes cannot be automatically determined. For these situations, the processing strategy is being set. It defines the method of dealing with indeterminacy in forms. It is thus establishment of conditions under which a group is determined for manual correction. After the recognition is completed, groups determined for manual correction have the status "For Verification".

All groups, using the All Groups option, or just some selected groups can be determined for manual correction (see image below). The criteria for selection are:

Strategy can be set in the tool bar by pressing Strategy.

Figure 3.3. Evaluation strategy

Evaluation strategy

Form template can contain a text area see chapter Definition of text group. In the Strategy settings, it is possible to determine whether text groups will be evaluated or omitted. If the Recognize text groups option is not checked, the user is not asked about copying the text from the text group.