2. Creation of a batch and loading files for processing

Processing of forms takes place in batches. One batch usually consists of forms of the same type and selected quantity (e.g. 300 scanned forms prepared in the input folder). The first step for evaluation of the scanned forms is the creation of a new batch. You can create it by selecting New from the File menu.

Figure 3.2. New recognition

New recognition

To create a batch, it is necessary to define:

If files are saved in the input folder within a more complex structure of sub-folders, check the Include Sub-Folders option to ensure their processing. If you wish to process multi-page files, set the number of pages forming the individual document.

After pressing OK all files from the input folder will be loaded. The status of the corresponding pages will be set to "New". In the folder with input files, tc.proc file has been created. This file contains the recognized data and information on the progress of processing. It is a working file of the program which can be deleted after the data are extracted and exported.

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