2.7. Definition of text group

A text group serves for questions where answer is not selected from a predefined set of answers. Text group serves only to copy the filled text to the output, it is not interpreted in any way. The creation of a text group is commenced by pressing the Text Area button. After pressing the button, it is first necessary to select a rectangular area marking the location where the copied text will be recorded. After defining the area, a dialog is displayed prompting you to enter several parameters:

Figure 2.7. Creation of a text area

Creation of a text area

The following must be defined:

Once defined, the text group is marked in the template with a green rectangle

Figure 2.8. Text group

Text group

The defined values can be changed in the Text Area tool bar which is active if any text area is selected.

During evaluation, the user is shown the text area of each form in order for him/her to copy the filled text. If the text need not be filled, it is possible to activate empty area detection using the Empty Area Detection option and automatically detect if there are any entries in the defined area.