2.6. Definition of groups of boxes

Each group of boxes typically consists of possible answers to one question. Example: Are you a man or a woman? The menu offers two check boxes - man and woman Both these boxes form a single group.

Definition of a group of boxes is performed using a dialog after pressing the Group of Boxes button in the tool bar.

Figure 2.5. Creating a new group of boxes

Creating a new group of boxes

Details required for creation of a new group of boxes:

Further step will consist in the selection of frames belonging to one group. Frames can be selected in two ways:

Figure 2.6. Frames assigned to the "Answer 1" group of boxes

Frames assigned to the "Answer 1" group of boxes

After assigning boxes to a group, it is possible to determine the expected number of checked boxes or how many answers to the given question can be checked at the same time. This number is defined using the Minimum Checked and Maximum Checked interval. The values are used when evaluating the form. If the number of checked boxes differs from what was expected (less or more), such form is marked and must be subsequently manually corrected.


For regular tests where exactly one correct answer is expected, the Minimum Checked value will be set to 1 and the Maximum Checked value will also be set to 1.

The value set in the Maximum Checked box defines how many items will be recorded in the output.