2.5. Definition of outputs or interpretation of checked answers

The definition of output defines the value which is to appear in the output file according to the checked answer to the question. The answer may also remain unanswered, the so-called "Empty", or may be answered senselessly, the so-called "Faulty".

Example 1: Answers A, B, C, D, E are the typical example of the output.

Example 2: Question asked: "Are you a man or a woman?" Senseless, the so-called "Faulty" answer occurs if both answers are checked at the same time.

Each recognition group must be assigned an output for all of its boxes. The following image shows a dialog for creating an output. The following must be defined: name of the output, length of the output chain (number of characters of the output) and output chains assigned to the individual boxes (example: if box 1 is checked, the output will be "A").

Figure 2.4. Definition of the output

Definition of the output

After a new output is defined, press Enter and you may define another output.

If the length of the defined chain is smaller than the required length of the output, the chain will be supplemented with spaces.