2.4. Definition of frame

Frames mark the individual check boxes. Inside the frame, box checking is examined. Only one type of frame is usually used in the template (if all check boxes are the same). However, it is possible to use multiple types of frames simultaneously.

After adding the frame definition, click the Frame Definition item in the tool bar. Subsequently, select any frame that has been scanned in good quality and left-click in the center of it. After clicking, the frame will be measured and information that a frame has been found will be displayed. The parameters of the frame can be adjusted in the tool bar. They include determination of the limit indicating that the box has been checked. The limit is specified in percentage of filling of the inner area of the frame.

Figure 2.3. Parameters of Frame

Parameters of Frame

In evaluating the forms, for each box determination is made whether it is empty, checked or filled. In order to allow the person filling the form to perform corrections (accidentally checked box), a completely filled box will be regarded as empty i.e. unchecked. In the tool bar, it is possible to change the limits of filling for all these cases.