Chapter 1. Starting with TestsChecker

You have just received a set of programs LightComp TestsChecker, Version 3. The application allows fully automated processing and evaluating of paper forms by electronic means. The program focuses on recognizing forms containing mostly check boxes. The requirements for input documents are described in the chapter Forms. TestsChecker consists of several programs covering the individual stages of forms processing.

The programs are described in separate chapters.

TestsChecker EditorTestsChecker Editor serves for the creation and editing of templates. These templates define how the individual types of forms will be processed. Creation of form templates is essential for functioning of TestsChecker. The template sample is created on the basis of a scanned blank form.
TestsCheckerTestsChecker serves for the actual processing of the scanned forms. Its input consists of a prepared template of the given form and a folder with scanned forms for processing. TestsChecker performs recognition of forms and, if necessary, offers also manual corrections in illegibly completed forms.
TestsChecker DroidTestsChecker Droid is an optional part and need not be used. It is used for non-interactive processing of the scanned forms.